Limited Scope Representation is when lawyers provide legal services for people who cannot afford the full price. This is because of the high cost. People can work with an affordable lawyer to do more than just fill out court forms themselves. Now you can choose between limited scope representation and handling a case all alone.

Limited Scope Representation is a way for lawyers to provide legal services to clients with limited budgets or complicated cases. Limited scope representation allows people who cannot afford a lawyer on their own because of the high cost, but also want to do more than just fill out court forms themselves, the opportunity to work with an affordable lawyer. No longer do you have to choose between full representation or handling the case all alone.

Limited Scope Representation

How much does Limited Scope Representation cost and how does it work?

It is important to remember that while limited scope representation saves a client money, it does not mean they will not have costs. There are fees associated with the preparation of legal documents and court filings as well as attorney consultation for any questions you might have about your case. The client pays a reduced flat rate for help solving the problem in a way that works for them instead of breaking the bank. Limited scope representations also has limitations on what the lawyer can do for an individual’s matter because there may be work in addition to which would require them to refer you elsewhere. However, this type or representation offers people who cannot afford a full-time lawyer an affordable option so they are able to get some support in navigating their own legal matters.

For immigration cases, limited scope representation can be advantageous because many immigrants are not proficient in English and limited scope representations allows the lawyer to help with immigration documents which require an understanding of the complicated U.S. legal system, such as filling out a green card application or preparing certain waivers for citizenship purposes.

For limited scope representation to work, clients and lawyers must be on the same page. Clients should take into consideration how limited their scope representation will be before agreeing with a lawyer about it; they should also provide all of the necessary documents for review in advance so that all parties know what is expected from them. For example, if an individual hires a lawyer to help fill out green card forms but does not have enough money upfront to pay for this service, they might agree to do some or even all of the legwork themselves as part of paying off what they owe. In other words, Limited Scope Representations are ideal when there are both financial limitations and language barriers involved in representing oneself.

Can I get Limited Scope Representation for immigration cases?

Onward Immigration has started offering limited scope services to help change access to affordable lawyers, not only will we review documents prepared by clients, but we will also coach them through their process. We’re changing the landscape of immigration representation–many attorneys will only offer an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to immigration cases. However, there are situations where that just isn’t necessary–we’re pioneering a new way for immigrants and their families to navigate the process with a guide & ally! The best part is instead of looking for an “affordable lawyer near me” you can get all of our services right from home. We’re a virtual firm that offers different levels of representation, to anyone, anywhere.

How do I find Limited Scope Representation near me?

You’re probably thinking “So let’s get this straight? An affordable lawyer, who does everything over the internet, will review my forms & give advice, for a lower cost? What’s the catch?” Yes, you’ve got that right, but there is no catch. The purpose of limited scope representation is to help people like you get access to experienced immigration attorneys for the fees that anyone can afford. Head over to our DIY Packages & Pricing to find out for yourself just how easy it is.

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