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Case Evaluation

15-Minute Call With Our Team Member

  • A 15-minute phone call with a member of our team to discuss your potential eligibility for various immigration visas
  • Answer a brief questionnaire online before your appointment so that we can go over your options, potential problems, and solutions
  • By the end of the call you'll know how to move forward with our firm in order to get started

New Client Consultation

One Hour With Our Attorney

$ 250.00
  • A one hour Zoom meeting with the attorney and you will be able to ask the attorney all of your questions, options & concerns
  • Get screened for your eligibility, and then we can get you signed up to start immediate work on your case
  • Once you retain our services, we credit your legal fee so you end up with a free consultation

Still Have Questions?

That's a great question! Both options will help you get started on the path to an immigration solution, however, each appointment type is unique. A case evaluation is a good option for people who aren't sure if they are eligible for a visa and are uncertain if investing in a consultation is worth it at this point. This initial case evaluation allows us to get some important information about your background so that we can let you know our initial thoughts.


A one hour consultation is great for those who want more detailed information about the immigration process, have questions and concerns about their background, are seeking out legal advice, or would like to start the process immediately. We have an added benefit of subtracting the consultation fee from your total legal fee, as a thank you to our clients for choosing our services. 

A 15-minute case evaluation is a free telephone call with an experienced member of our team. Since it's a short appointment, we try to gather all of your information beforehand so that we can make the most of our phone call. After you book the appointment, we will send you a link to our secure app where you answer an easy questionnaire about information thats is relevant to your eligibility. We're one of the only immigration firms who offers such a quick, efficient method of finding out your options.

In under 10 minutes, you'll give us most of the information we need in order to determine a good option for your path to immigration. Once you complete the questionnaire, the answers are sent directly to us so we have a chance to get to know you before the phone call.

At the time of your appointment, you'll receive a telephone call at the phone number you provided us and our team member will discuss your questionnaire briefly. They will let you know if any concerns came up and what the next steps are in order to retain our services. 

The number one benefit of a consultation is that Attorney Felton will review your entire immigration situation with you. This includes: past applications, any current pending ones and future plans for visas or green cards if applicable. She'll help guide you through this process more efficiently than just a phone calls where there's no way to answer all questions in a restricted period of time.


The second important thing worth mentioning here: You'll have the ability to upload relevant documents, submit things you would like to discuss during the appointment, and do it all from the comfort of your home. When you book the appointment and process your payment, you will receive a link to our law firm Zoom link which you'll use at the time of your appointment. It's as simple as clicking on the link and opening it either in your browser or Zoom app if you desire. No worries about traffic, traveling, or needing to take time off of work in order to meet with us. As long as you have a device with an internet connection and camera, you'll be able to meet us from wherever you are.


The immigration consultation with Attorney Felton will give you access to a reliable, experienced professional. Through the consult, the she can discuss all of your questions and concerns while giving you viable solutions for what could happen if they are not addressed. Additionally, there is information on how certain documents may impact your current or future case. You'll be able to get an accurate cost before making a decision and once you are ready to start, we start the onboarding process immediately.

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